New year.... new beds

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Ok, so not beds for the guests but freshly prepared vegetable beds ready for planting.

When we arrived back at Hillstone Lodge in February we discovered that the poly tunnel had suffered from the winter storms. The wind had torn a couple of large rips which needed to be repaired. Some sticky back plastic later and all was well.

Last year I learned a bit about what might grow well in this harsher coastal climate. Sweet potatoes are off the table as last years yield was pitiful - looked more like a baby carrot. Tomatoes are also not gracing the space, primarily because the taste wasn't that great. I suspect not enough warmth.

However this year i'm embracing brassicas. Cabbage and Kale will be planted along with salads, parsnips (which did really well last year), beetroot and carrots.

The poly will also be hosting nasturtiums, lilies, gladiolus (very dame edna) and sweet peas which will all be used in the lodge.

The seed potatoes are sprouting nicely so fingers crossed there will be more than last years dinners worth!

Given the colder temperatures at the moment i've decided to start with indoor seed trays to give things a start and so that we will be ready when the heatwave hits (ahem).

I’ve also decided to take advantage of the large amount of egg boxes and toilet rolls which are used in the bed and breakfast....


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