Monarch of the Glen

Updated: May 4, 2018

Continuing the story of the bedroom redesign and the local artists and artwork in Hillstone Lodge.

Bed and art in Hillstone Two
Diana Mackie artwork at Hillstone Lodge B&B

Hillstone Two is our double room here at Hillstone Lodge and it features the work of Diana Mackie. The artwork in this room is called 'Breaking Weather' and evokes the purple moor and hills of Skye on a wild day and ties in well with the room colour scheme, which is calming amethyst. The room also contains some antler features (the table lamps and coat hooks) as a nod to the animals which frequent the area around the lodge. Only yesterday we had a young stag walk through the garden, much to the annoyance of Inca, and groups of deer can often be seen coming down from the hills at dawn or dusk.

Hillstone Two bedroom at Hillstone Lodge B&B
Side view of Hillstone Two

Diana captures the stormy, wild and windswept land and seascapes which are prevalent on the Isle of Skye. (Of course we do also get blue skies and sunny weather but they’re probably not so much fun to paint!). Her recent work has included moody moonscapes with dramatic night storms.

Diana has her home and gallery in Borreraig, just along the road from Hillstone Lodge so guests can easily visit to see more of her work. Alternatively you can visit her website at

Entrance artwork at Hillstone Lodge B&B
Diana Mackie prints in entrance hall

The entrance hall at Hillstone Lodge also has some smaller prints from Diana again showing dramatic and stormy landscapes. Clockwise from the top left these are:

1) Moonlight Isle of Skye

2) Moonlight on Coral Beach

3) Incoming Gale

4) Light and Darkness

Diana has some similar prints available to buy on her online Etsy shop.

We hope that guests staying in Hillstone Two will enjoy the peace and tranquility no matter what the weather and will love Diana’s art as much as we do.

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