Er, should there be water spraying in the boiler room?

After a fun year when a lot equipment came to the end of its warranty period and then duly broke down, Patrice came and asked me the question no-one wants to hear. He had discovered a leak in the services room which houses boiler, water pipes and comms equipment. It didn't seem too serious but we soon realised it was in the pipe before the internal stop valve so we couldn't switch off the water....

Scottish water were called to locate the stopcock, just in case it got worse, but after a couple of days fruitless searching they ended up digging a hole to the inlet pipe and clamping it so that some emergency work to be done.

Fast forward a couple of months and we now have:

- a new stopcock outside the house (they still can't find the original one)

- all new pipework into the house

- a shiny new hot water storage tank (the old one had also been installed incorrectly and could have burst at any time)

- a shiny new boiler (it wouldn't start properly after all the work and had too many faults to make it worth getting fixed)

- a new programming unit (which had also failed)

Hopefully that's it for a few years; well at least until the warranty expires!