Another year, improved beds.

This year we enhanced all the beds (inside and out) at Hillstone Lodge.

Inside we have some new combined spring/memory foam mattresses from Harris Home furnishings in Edinbane. We found these mattresses so comfortable that we ended up buying one for ourselves so hopefully our guests sleep well on them.

We've also upgraded the outside growing space over the winter and put in some more robust raised beds to grow veg and flowers. Outside growing on Skye can be more challenging but we had a good crop of root veg, broccoli, cabbages and kale.

Inside the poly tunnel we also put some new raised beds and organised the growing space a bit better. Flowers for the house are now grown in pots which can be moved around to gain access to the beds as required. Although we reduced growing space, our yields were much higher just due to more efficient and easier access. Well, that was until the booming rabbit population gained access to the poly and decimated our salads! Lesson learned and some mesh doors have now been added to allow ventilation whilst restricting free meals for rabbits.

The poly tunnel certainly allows a wider range of veg to be grown including plants which couldn't withstand the high winds and rainfall of Skye.

Looking forward to many years of fresh produce from our new beds!

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